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How To Date Like A Queen

Conscious Dating for Women...

CARMENS LOH, Dating & Sexuality Coach

Step 1: Revolutionalize the way you date! Discover how to date with intentionality, bliss, and self-love.

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Are You Stuck in These Patterns?

Toxic Relationships

You're emotionally co-dependent on your romantic partner as you feel like you can't live without him. He becomes the center of your world and you lost who you are and who you were before this relationship. You feel incomplete without him, which makes it impossible for you to leave him, despite the way he treats you. 

Fear of Intimacy

You have a pattern of sabotaging your relationships. As soon as intimacy escalates, you feel uncomfortable, as if your significant other is getting too close or asking for too much too soon. You imagine how the relationship could go horribly wrong. Feeling overwhelmed, you back away, shut down emotionally, and move on.


Not being chosen by someone you desire, someone you saw a future with, or someone with whom you have a strong connection, is a shitty feeling. It hurts A LOT. It wounds your ego, and makes you doubt your desirability. Perhaps you unconsciously stayed single to avoid losing yourself in others. 

Is dating depressing and a waste of time?

Dating can be a dread. Yet you continue dating because you are afraid of missing out on that one true love... a man who fulfills your deep desire for companionship, intimacy, sex, romance, and connection.

What if you can have it all...

Date Smartly like a Queen, 

Magnetize Blissfully your One True Love, and

Live Fully your One True Life.

Date with Intentionality, Bliss, and Self-Love!

Step into Your Power and Become a High-Quality Woman

What do the most desirable men want in a relationship? These men of heart, integrity, and power want powerful, confident, and spiritual partners just like them. Your version of power may be different from mine. Being powerful means you do what you do, and you do it from power, not from what others told you what you should do to be attractive.  Confidence comes from being who you really are in the world, no matter what that looks like. It means clearing inner blockages to discover your truth, and expressing your power.

Create Your Dating Code and Manifest the Love You Deserve

Stop wasting time dating the wrong men. Most people have no idea how to date. Maybe you know what you don't want in a life partner but you don't know what you want. And if you don't even know what you want, how are you going to manifest what you want? Or maybe your criteria is too stringent that you can't find such a man.

Dating can be depressing and a waste of time if you keep meeting losers. But it doesn't have to be that way. What if I tell you that you can date with intention and date from self love? 

Turn On Your Hidden Charm and Have Fun Dating

How do you put yourself out there to attract the right men? How do you make better decisions in dating?

Dating can be fraught with challenges. How do you keep tuning into your heart and soul as you navigate on this dating journey to find your soulmate? What if there is a dating plan that enables you to date smartly and blissfully, like a queen, as you live and lavish yourself with self-love?  When you are clear about who you are and show up authentically, listen to your heart and soul, you can create true-love partnership.


Smart Bliss Love is a one-on-one coaching program for women who want to date men smartly and blissfully like a queen... while loving themselves and others because they have done the inner transformation.

What makes our program different from others is this: We don't focus on temporary quick fix to get the guy. So what if you get him this time only to lose him again because the root cause in your relationship isn't resolved? Instead, we work on healing your past wounds and integrating the unloved parts in you. This is what brings true long-term results.

In the Smart Bliss Love coaching program, you will not only learn how to date smartly, you will heal and integrate those parts in you that are resistant so that your whole being is a YES to getting your desire in love and relationship. You will also learn to discover the true essence of who you are, and fall in love with yourself. You will express this loving you to the world and magnetize the love that you deserve.


Let's face it... You’ve wasted too much time and effort trying in vain to find your life partner. Your biological clock is ticking away. Are you going to waste more time and effort repeating the same relationship pattern?

The Ultimate Key To Dating is in Your Transformation

The Smart Bliss Love coaching program will help you to kickstart your transformation and let you get back your power. This 6-month program is designed to help you clear dating blockages and liberate yourself, create your dating code and manifest what you deserve, and learn the practical tips on how to text, flirt and enjoy dating. You will be amazed to see breakthroughs in other areas of your life too!

Here’re the truths:

You’ve wasted too much time and energy dating aimlessly.

You KNOW you deserve better men.

Smart Bliss Love is your way out.

Smart Bliss Love in 3 Steps!





Clear Childhood Wounds & Past Toxic Relationships


You Dust Off Each Unsuccessful Relationship and Start Dating Again. You Find that You Keep Attracting the Same Type of Men and Result.


When Blockages Are Lifted, You Do Not Easily Get Triggered. Instead, You Feel Aliveness and Love for Yourself and for Others! You Get to Know Your Authentic Self.


Create Your Dating Code, Gain Clarity on the Relationship You Desire, and Manifest Your Soulmate


You Don't Know How to Decide if a Man is Worth Your Time or if He is Interested in You. You End Up Being Too Quick to Reject or Wasted Too Much Time on the Wrong Men.


You Know What Kind of Men You Want Because You Know Who You Are. Because of This Clarity, You Can Manifest Your Soulmate and Be Quick to Make Dating Decisions.


Charm and Date from High Vibration


You Try to Please Your Man and Over-Give. You Do Not Want to Lose Him But You End Up Losing Yourself.


You Understand the Psychology of Men and How to Text and Charm to Getp Your Man Chasing after You.

In Smart Bliss Love, you'll be coached on how to:

  • Adopt a new dating approach and increase your likelihood to have true-love partnership.

  • Turn dating into a meaningful journey of self-love and self-discovery.

  • Identify where you stumble or get stuck in the same dating pattern, and solve it at the root.

  • Heal your deepest wounds and insecurities, and live your best life.

  • Embody a new level of connecting and committing in dating.

  • Magnetize your soulmate who is drawn to who you really are.

  • Stop wasting time and become an effective dater with a dating plan.

And You're in Good Hands here...

About the Coach

Carmens Loh is a Women's Dating & Sexuality Coach, Psychological Astrologer, Bestselling Author of Open Up To Love, Founder of her coaching practice, Mentor, Healer, and Teacher of self-worth. She believes in empowering her clients to live their versions of a life filled with self-love, inner truth, fulfillment, and deep connections with others.

Destiny led her to astrology and her curiosity in this ancient wisdom was piqued. While interpreting her natal chart, she realized that she has been called to help people face their resistance and to transform their love and sex lives. Yes, right at the moment she was born, she was already called to do this work. It finally made sense that all her relationship problems, the emotional neglect in her childhood, and her giftings as a teacher were meant to prepare her to be a dating coach. Acting on this revelation, her life took on a different trajectory as she created her business based on her natal chart.

Carmens has attained the VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach 1-year Certification. She is a trained Conscious Dating coach. Carmens is also a certified image consultant and a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She has a BBA degree.

Today, Carmens serves an international clientele of women who want more love and better sex. Combining neuro-science via somatic-based coaching, embodiment practices, spirituality, and astrology, she helps women gently remove their blockages, fears, and contractions around their sexuality, hearts, and relationships to reveal their wholeness and authenticity. Carmens has created her proprietary Smart Bliss Love coaching program. She also created online courses Career Profile Compass and Archetypes Playshop for Women to support women in their self-discovery. 

Carmens has since found her soulmate who is supportive of her coaching business. To pass it forward, she has dedicated her life’s work in a 3-step process--Clear, Create, and Charm--to transform women's dating, love and relationship inside out! 

Hear What Our Amazing Clients Said

This coaching program is life-changing!

"I joined the Smart Bliss Love coaching program because I wanted to consciously date, not be afraid, and not be stuck in stories about dating and relationships. Carmens Loh helped me to work on attachment issues, self-love, and clear way more garbage than I knew I had.

Before this coaching program, I wondered, “Can I even have a soulmate?”

Now I know soulmate love is possible. Now I say yes to dating. My desires now are to meet men I want to meet and have a pleasurable time with them. I am not afraid to go on dates. I am confident I can communicate with myself, have fun and enjoy myself in dating. This is because I am now committed to presence and intimacy with self-love. I am ready for a new way of being. I am transformed! Smart Bliss Love program is life-changing!"


Breakthroughs and the confidence to love again!

"Thanks to Carmens for her wisdom and patience in bringing clarity to my confusion. Her sense of humor and credibility made me feel safe to relax and freely share my relationship issue. Self-discovery helped me to dig out my inner problems. Then I reconciled a part of who I really am and did not reject it. The program more than meets the eye. My 1st breakthrough was realizing that I should not be a people-pleaser as it hindered my relationships as I burned out quickly. My 2nd breakthrough was when I gave unconditional love, I actually gained something. This makes me fearless to give love now. My 3rd breakthrough was I re-connected with my real original self. I am happy and also attract the right people into my life, not sickly people with issues. After the program, I can differentiate what comes from the mind and the heart distinctively, and thus make the right decisions. All these mean I will not miss out on the best person for me. I am confident in relationships again."


Hope in dating and finding desired relationship

"I definitely want to thank Carmens. You have given me much hope in dating and finding somebody I want to be with. Before I started working with you. I had zero hope of finding anybody. I can now see a path toward that desired relationship through working with you. I definitely recommend working with Carmens."



Smart Bliss Love... Gives You Clarity in Dating, and Makes You So Confident that You Fall in Love with Yourself...

Who is this coaching for?

My clients are cisgender women who are finding male life partners. They face challenges in dating, just like you. What I have noticed about them is their courage to face their shadows with self-compassion. If they can do it, so can you. 

This coaching will be most beneficial for you if...

  • You allow yourself to be messy and show up as you are.

  • You resonate with energy healing and spiritual support.

  • You are curious about somatic work, and have done other modalities of therapy, coaching, and self-development.

  • You prioritize your healing and can commit the time, money, and energy to it.

  • You are patient and understand that this is a deep work that requires time.

This is NOT for you if... 

  • You have severe depression and mental health imbalances and can’t function in life such as going to work, getting out of bed, or interacting with loved ones. If this is you, you may want to visit a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist first.

  • You have done very little self-development or healing work and are very new to this.

  • You are not ready to show up for our sessions and can’t commit to the financial investment.

  • You expect this to be like talk therapy and are not open to somatic or energy work to your healing.

Your Questions Answered

"Will I find a life partner after the coaching?"

No dating coach will guarantee that you will find a life partner after coaching with him/her. This is not something you or I can control. Finding a life partner depends on various factors, such as physical appearance, worthiness, energy, wisdom, EQ, dating strategies, luck, etc. While I can’t guarantee you a life partner or a specific healing outcome at the end of the coaching package, you will be more ready than ever for love.

"Is the transformation easy?"

Like a caterpillar that goes through a metamorphosis and becomes a beautiful butterfly, transformation involves work. My coaching methodology is simple yet profound, and desire-driven. You get to celebrate, and have fun and pleasure as you heal. I am not kidding! My clients liked the joyful and uplifting space I hold for them. Healing may be intense at times, but it is not like therapy. Sure, healing takes time, but the result is worth it... you will become happier, empowered, alive and emotionally secure. You'll be proud of who you have become!

“What is the outcome from coaching with you?”

You will find dating meaningful, and heal through some of your deepest wounds and insecurities. You will feel more self-love, more confidence, aliveness, bliss, and become more empowered to get what you want, men or otherwise. You will gain more clarity on the partnership you want to magnetize, more worthiness of the partnership you desire. Whether you end up with a man you desire, you will be better off having coached with me.


Of course, result will vary for each client depending on the extent of the trauma, prior self-development work you have done on yourself, your commitment to show up for the sessions, your diligence in doing the homeplay, your level of self-awareness, your trust in the healing process, etc. Healing is like peeling an onion. It happens subtly layer-by-layer. Decades of trauma and stuck energy take time to heal. I will be here to guide and support you but you have to take ownership of your healing.

"Does your coaching work?"

I am a certified VITA Sex, Love and Relationship Coach by The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. My coaching methodology is backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom. 

At the somatic level, I work with the primal brain and the deep subconscious where most wounds are held. I help my clients to resolve the issues that keep them from having the sex, relationships, and love that they desire and deserve. I help them to remove the deep conditioning and limiting experiences that cause them suffering. At the psychological level, I empower my clients to choose the kinds of experiences, thoughts, and emotions that allow them to thrive. 

This top-down/psychological and bottom-up/somatic approach is a highly effective healing system to unlock neural networks and break toxic repeated patterns in my clients. Just look at the testimonials from my clients above.

Ready to say Yes? This is what's next...

This is the Blissful Life that has been waiting for you...

In Touch with Your Authentic Self and Your Innate Power

You become an unstoppable force when you remember who you really are before all that childhood conditioning and emotional baggage. You re-direct your energy on things that truly matter, i.e. your relationships, your career, your passions...

Sweet and Delightful Feminine Magic Coursing Through Your Veins

You realize that infinite love, energy, and possibilities are available to you. No more controlling, correcting or complaining to get the outcome you want in your relationships. Dating and relationships become effortless as you connect with the divine feminine energy within you. 

Experience Love and Relationships on a Much Deeper Level

You welcome more wisdom, inspiration and connection back into your life. You can tap into the wisdom of your heart in navigating the dating journey. Your courage in showing up and connecting as your true self attracts men who are aligned with you.

Luscious Playfulness, Aliveness, and Self-Love in Your Daily Experience

You laugh and connect, celebrate life, and experience outrageous delight so that you can activate your own medicine, nourish your nervous system, and strengthen your immune system. You date from self-love and pleasure, choosing love over and over again.

Inspired to Go After Your Goals as Your Radiance Attracts What You Desire

You uplift your energy, expand your creativity and claim your deepest desires. What's magical is that the positivity and sense of worthiness spills over to other areas of your life. You feel inspired to dream big, stay focused and live your best life ever. 

Here's Everything That You Get

(Plus Extra Bonuses)

This Is A Limited Time Offer

  • 18-session One-on-One Live Coaching (Virtual) [$6000 Value]

  • Customized Prescribed Lessons Online [$2000 Value]

  • Guided Meditation Practices Online [$500 Value]

  • Coaching Session Notes and Replays [$480 Value]

  • 6 Months Accountability Support [$1000 Value]

  • #1 International Bestselling eBook Open Up To Love [$20 Value]

Total Value: $10000

Launch Price: $4997

Scholarship Special Price: US $1997

Yes, I want Smart Bliss Love!
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  • How much is a blissful marriage worth?

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